A warm welcome to the English language site of the Social Security Service for Entrepreneurs (SVA). Here you can find basic information concerning “self-employment and social insurance” in Austria.

  • What are the necessary conditions of insurance protection in Austria?
  • How much does insurance cover cost, and what benefits does it provide? 

Here you can find first answers to all these questions.

The SVA is responsible for the social insurance of all self-employed persons in Austria with the exception of those employed in agriculture. Insurance protection is made up of pension insurance and health insurance schemes. 

Statutory work-accident insurance for self-employed persons falls under the responsibility of the General Work-Accident Insurance Authority (AUVA).

In Austria, social insurance is organized on the basis of the compulsory insurance principle.This means that any person who performs a job subject to insurance is liable for compulsory insurance. The person’s nationality or place of residence is of no importance here.

In the social insurance scheme for the self-employed, a distinction is made between business people and business partners (Gewerbetreibende, Gesellschafter), and freelancers (Freiberuflicher). In some places, different provisions apply to these two groups.


If you require information about compulsory insurance for business people or business partners, click here:

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If you require information about compulsory insurance for freelancers who do not have a business licence (Gewerbeschein), click here:

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